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We have a new forums, please register at:

We will freeze the current ucoz forums until further notice.
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Organizing groups and runs is much easier on voice chat, so join up on our RaidCall.
RaidCall sign up referral link:

Sometimes creating a new account within RaidCall gives a Flash error. Download latest Flash or create your account on the website instead and you will be able to sign in without the error.

Server ID: 6321087
Server Name: Crescent Moon )) <- Shows where to change Push to Talk hotkey.
Join. Add to your favorites. Like it. Admins will give RaidCall group membership. See you there.
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RaidCall is our main voice program, but in case RaidCall goes down, we have a backup voice program:
Sign up for an account.

Search Channel Name: Crescent Moon
Direct Link to Channel:

The main channels are open to public, but the team channels have a password found here:
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If you are in Crescent Moon, send a pm (private message) to an active moderator and let him/her know your in-game name, so you can get moved into the Crescent Moon group for the forums and you will have access to more forum sections.

Everyone is welcome here on the forums. You do not have to be part of Crescent Moon.

If you have a Steam account, join our Steam group:
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